ZIPPER’s innovative concept – whereby any and all brand contact with external or internal factors, forms the basis of long-term relationships –
has led ZIPPER to become a strategic partner accompanying the brand throughout the year, at points of contact with customers, employees and business partners.

Based on an overall view of company activity, ZIPPER offers a wide range of expertise in experiential communication, in Israel and abroad:

  • Multi-dimensional experiential communication – developing a language that embraces the brand’s values to accompany all activity, with special attention on visibility in the field, in print and on digital platforms
  • Special events for customers, employees, journalists and VIPs
  • Professional conferences, exhibitions, performances, videos and presentations
  • Annual planning of enrichment and motivational activities, including international speakers and artists

ZIPPER was established by Ohad Berger and Eli Azar Rad, business collaborators for more than a decade.

Ohad Berger - Co-CEO | ZIPPER
Ohad Berger
Eli Azar
Eli Azar Rad

ZIPPER values community service and environmental responsibility by:

  • Integrating disabled workers
  • Collaborating with NPOs to collect surplus food for the needy
  • Managing a green office
  • Maintaining a policy of saving and recycling paper, plastic & glass